Meet Lori
Meet Lori

I am a total anomaly. I love just about anything outdoorsy and adventurous. Think dirt bikes, skydiving, surfing, camping. I also love the GLAMOUR and STYLE of a fabulous photograph. When I look at life I'm constantly aware of the beauty in moments that deserve to be captured and stories that need to be told. I think photographs are for moments bigger than words. My amazing husband Justin is the best partner-in-crime I could have ever hoped for, and my favorite times usually involve us, great friends, great food, and great wine. And whenever we get the chance, some TRAVEL! If I get to travel and photograph a couple oh-so-in-love? I'm in a geeked out little slice of "Lori heaven". Seriously, when the day comes that I travel to Egypt to see the pyramids I'll be wishing I had a lovey couple to place in the foreground. In Louboutins. NOT kidding.

I believe that while great wedding photography is obviously about experience and technical know-how, it is equally about the chemistry between you and I. When I meet with my couples for our first little coffee date, I'm learning about you. Who you are, what your love looks like, what makes you tick. I'm feeling out the groundwork for what best tells the story of the realest, truest side of you that there has ever been.

I don't want to take photos that don't feel like who you are. I want to capture images that reveal the most beautiful facets of who you are together, and do it in a way that is more glamorous than you have ever imagined yourself.


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